Experimental Interaction

interaction design, prototyping, physical computing - fall 2014

Sometimes, we want to have a conversation with someone that isn’t about what happened in someone else's day, or a celebrity divorce post on Facebook. Sometimes we just want to talk to the person across from us about them, rather than hear about the person they were texting or be so distracted from your own phone you miss out on what the person is saying. We also want to know that they’re engaged with us whether we’re talking or listening, and here’s where the wobbl comes into play. It’s a conceptual approach for how the environment can respond to your decisions with polite commentary: when you use your phone in the set conversation time, it causes the other person’s end of the table to wobble, and vice versa. It’s about accountability and connection.
Project Partners: Jesse Klein and Joe Mallonee

interaction design, prototyping, physical computing - fall 2014

Sometimes I wonder to myself if someone somewhere is doing the exact same thing I am doing that exact moment. That is the idea that inspired whereband. whereband was a one week experiment in which we wanted to bring people doing the same things together. Exercise seemed like the most obvious answer; exercise with people is not only funner, but it is more motivating! 
Project Partners: Jesse Klein and Zac Mau​​​​​​​
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