UI/UX, prototyping, product concept 1 week sprint - fall 2016

In the US, healthcare is the major expense and contributor to the national debt. Heavy used of emergency rooms is driving the cost of healthcare to new heights. It is estimated that $18 billion dollars could be saved if patients with non-urgent needs use preventative healthcare or resort to their primary physician. inCare guides and allows it’s users to get quickly assessed for situations where it is not clear weather emergency care is needed or not. With a smartphone, an application would be downloaded and connect the user with an operator, and if necessary a nearby nurse that can assess the situation and give medical advice. The final advice would vary between calling 911, meaning it is a real emergency, waiting for the nurse to arrive to the user’s house to get a clear image of the situation, or recommend the user to wait and visit her/his primary care physician. We believe this technology will decrease the cost of healthcare, make wait time shorter, and help patient find the cheapest best medical option for their condition.
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