Experience design, zero UI, coding - fall 2016

Restrictive diets due to chronic illnesses can cause confusion and frustration about diet and health. Nutribility is a SMS chatbot that serves as an accessible nutritionist for people with restrictive diets due to chronic illnesses. Nutribility suggests recipes suitable for the users pertinent dietary restriction and empowers the user to take control of their diet.​​​​​​​
How can we be inclusive by thinking of common denominators, and zero UI? 
My dad has had high blood pressure for the later part of his life, always being somewhat iffy about taking his medication. He then got cancer twice and survived through that! What a fighter! All through this though, my dad was stubborn and wanted to take care of himself. He would cook and clean and go places, remembering his body as if he were very young again. Over the last few years, my dad has survived cancer, but has forgotten about his high blood pressure. The other week, he landed in the hospital unexpectedly to us, in a hypertensive emergency situation. He had been eating very poorly, using so much sodium in almost all of the foods that he ate. He was also very stressed because of the errands that he had to run to go grocery shopping and figuring out what to eat. A week after he got out of the hospital and made a gameplan to a healthier lifestyle with my sister and doctors, my sister found loads of snickers bars in his freezer...He wants to be in control and choose the foods that he wants to eat and make his own choices. He also wants to eat things that are primarily simple and fast to cook. He also isn't very tech savvy or health proactive, so he won't go on to cooking websites to read up on things that are good for his more restrictive diet.
Common Denominator: Designing an Inclusive Chatbot for SMS capable cell phones 
SMS capable mobile phones are more prevalent than ever. From old to young, and from flip phones to smartphones, SMS capability allows an inclusive accessibility to a service in a crowded application focused market. Since the audience would be broad, we wanted to ensure the voice was considered, to instill trust and a sense of competence yet approachability and friendliness from the SMS Chatbot. ​​​​​​​
Determining voice and user flow through: Wizard of Oz 
Chatbot UX Workflow
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