wobbl. a conversation table
This conversation table that is aware of the environment, pokes fun at the potential awkward/rudeness of texting while having a conversation together. The participants place their phones in the middle of the table at the beginning of the meal, and when person decides to use their device, the legs of the table become unstable, relating the situational awkwardness to the physical awkwardness of trying to eat on a wobbly table with the annoying sound of servo motors. Placing the phone back in the middle, levels out the table.

Having a balanced diet is integral to health and longevity. Many people who have restrictive diets due to chronic illnesses are hypersensitive to what they eat or do not eat and how that can affect their body. Nutribility is a functional SMS chatbot that empowers people with dietary restrictions like allergies, high blood pressure, or diabetes to cook for themselves and take control of their diet striving to be healthier. It suggests recipes pertinent to their restrictions. With an accessible entry point, SMS brings a nutrition coach to people of all ages and financial demographics.

SIP is a interactive and fun water bottle, stressing the importance of hydration. A child is able to choose their character, creating a bond that they potentially might be more inclined to take their bottle around with them, having hydration at the ready. The act of sucking water through the straw and squeezing the pliable exterior, allows the child to interact with the character and make him/her dance and swim as they are drinking! As the water level is low, the character is not able to dance/swim anymore. The child saves and takes care of their character by filling the bottle back up - which again also allows them to have their water at the ready.

A wearable armband that helps active people find buddies to exercise with. Using a web app to track users, the arm band uses small servos to apply subtle directional pressure on the user's arm, pointing them toward other nearby users.

This is a conceptual instrument intended to suggest a dreamlike state through sound and motion. Dream Cycle was created as part of a project called "Dream Machines." The inspiration was the childhood tradition of putting a playing card in the spokes of a bicycle wheel. Software that set variables like tempo and key allowed all the instruments created by the class to perform together, led by one "conductor" controlling the musical variables.
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