Who's this "Jeff" we're talking about?

As a kid, I dreamt of growing up to be an amalgamation of an inventor, artist, teacher, and scientist. Fast forward a decade and a half, and I'm a graduate of Carnegie Mellon School of Design, with a degree in Product Design. It was there, that I found that "Design" could be the way I combine my interests, values, and childhood aspirations. The past four years have guided my thinking and approach to design. In an exponentially changing world, designers need to think about the critical side effects of technology and experiences. I believe designers are able to design systems through the lens of empathy, but designers can't do it alone. In an interconnected and globalized world, we need to create systems, experiences, and products that empower individuals that make up this world. My work reflects this same dynamism and flexibility in this era. 

Outside of work, I can't keep myself from learning and experiencing new things. As a naturally curious and adventurous individual, I love to explore the world I'm designing for, by biking roads and rough terrain, backpacking national parks, cooking/eating food from new cuisines, and having a good coffee or cocktail to just shoot the breeze.

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