TEDx: Embracing Innovation
Event Planning, Exhibit Design, Spatial UX, Branding - Fall 2017
I Lived, We Live, What Did We Miss?
Spatial UX, Exhibit Design, Social Innovation, Design Research - Spring 2017
We Are Nature: Welcome to the Anthropocene
Exhibition Design, Spatial UX, Design Research - Spring 2017
Experience Windows Made For You
Spatial UX, Design Research, Mixed Reality, Retail Experience - Summer 2016
Brand/Retail Experience, Spatial UX, Design Research - Spring 2016
Augmented Body
Speculative Design, Bio-Design, Critical Design - 2017
Logi Kiosk for Tazza d'Oro
Visual Brand Language, Product Design, UI/UX, Design Research - Fall 2015
Facebook CampusWall
Spatial/Digital UX, Interaction, Concept - Spring 2015
Design Research, Interaction Design, Mobile UX, Design Systems
Experimental Interaction
Interaction Design, Experiments, Tangible Interaction, Product Design
Art & Bio
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